About Us
IdentiLead specialises in the implementation of a fully integrated Leadership/Management system (known as 'T3') that helps enterprises to use their strategy to identify the realistic ideal work and generate the performance contracts for their employees that is aligned to the enterprise strategy. This is also supported by Leadership/Management skills workshops that can be run during implementation or facilitated separately (if required).

IdentiLead also offers Performance and Management consulting and have a passion for empowered learning. We are the proud owner of statutory compliance workshops where we guide and support entrepreneurs and fast growing entities to focus on their winning strategy while being compliant.

The T3 system has been developed by Howard Cook by combining over 30 years of timeless experience from guiding about five thousand senior executives in over five hundred companies globally to achieve their goals according to their strategy.

The fully integrated T³ Leadership/Management system, with emphasis on performance management, runs on the cloud.

With multiple, ever changing statutory compliance challenges being faced by entrepreneurs and companies, the need for a one stop statutory compliance workshop that summarizes and flags the when and how's became eminent. Theresa Nash used her 17 years of experience in the South African Revenue Services, working for an audit firm and experience gained from clients after founding her own business, to develop the interactive workshops to provide the business support and guidance each individual that deals with compliance in the workplace can benefit from.

We are significant players in empowering growth and development of our clients and their employees and thus creating empowerment and prosperity through effective delivery.
Client Focused - The clients' needs drive what we do.
Innovation - We stay at the cutting edge of new developments while building on proven concepts.
Integrity - We don't lie, steal or cheat.
Professionalism - We live by the highest standards in our chosen professions.